Dappled light

September 27, 2011

Before Nuns Lane was built and when we were planning it Donal explained that the trees would throw “dappled” light onto the white render and that it would create beautiful patterns. I only half registered this idea and I just did’nt realize how dramatic it would be. Yesterday as I got into the car I was stopped in my tracks by this image. It still amazes me how much detail and forethought that goes into design – the smallest things are considered and most of the time people think these are accidental!

Cupcakes were decorated by 12 , 5 year olds. I’m still finding sprinkles.


January 7, 2011

I came across this photo of our bath full with petals in it. I took it during the photo shoot for Image Magazine (http://donalhickey.ie/bio/bibliography/). One of the most common questions about our house is whether we use the bath much. We look at it as a sanctuary, a special place and a treat and so we plan to spend an afternoon with the kids in it or a quiet evening by candle light soaking in it. The idea of this bath is based on how the Romans used to bathe. They would soak and float for hours in a large bath. It was social and relaxing and nothing to do with washing! (We do wash at the end!) I love to float as you can do so with out touching the walls. There is a roller blind for privacy but usually the window fogs up so no one can see in. There is a great view of the Dublin mountains and the Poolbeg lighthouses.


December 9, 2010

The birds were so desperate for food in the snow that they tried to eat the roof window grout. I could hear them tapping while I worked.

Secret Project

December 9, 2010

The secret project I was talking about in an earlier post was the competition for the Atlantic City War Memorial. Donal Hickey and Janek Ozmin collaborated on the competition and were shortlisted to the last 6. Have a look at www.ozminhickey.ie

Snow again at Nuns’ Lane

November 29, 2010

Have to love the snow and the amazing skys at the moment , its a break from all the doom on the radio!!

Lovin leaves….

November 10, 2010

I love to observe the leaves about the place. They are at a nice stage as they are not yet soggy. They create an attractive contrast to the grey stones and black steps of the house.


Pink Beans!

October 18, 2010

We were not expecting our garden beans to be such an amazing colour! The barlotti beans you get from a tin are usually brown but these are spectacularly spotty and pink!


Garden update

October 13, 2010

Open House forced us to do some work on the garden!! We find it hard to get out there but here are a few updates.


Temporary bamboo screen was put up at the storage area-hides a multitude!!



Bonsai work well against concrete background



Azalia - this is amazing when in bloom



Green Beans -Guess what veg our guests are having on Saturday?