Flashback -The start

June 12, 2009

Back in 2000 we spent alot of time  time wandering around checking out back gardens to see if we could fit a house on one  in the suburbs  of Dublin.We were lucky to find a site in Killester, Dublin and fell in love with it. After some negotiation we agreed to buy it and that was the start of a beautiful relationship with 1 Nuns Lane our future home. Of course there was to be many  arduos years planning and designing and building ahead but it was all worth it.

The siteview from the green

One Response to “Flashback -The start”

  1. It’s amazing this seems so long ago and I remember when Donal and Fionuala talked about the site and then showed me it when I was on a visit from London and thinking hmmm….. We looked at the plans and every time I came over, little seemed to be done a re-current theme over the years. This is not from the fact that they were lazy or unorganised it was purely down to the fact that on their board of jobs in the then office, their job for their home always came second or third, well in fact last to be honest. But in business like in entertaining the age old ethos of FHB – family hold back still rings true. It is many things to many people now that it is completed. Critically acclaimed by their peers and indeed in the press on many occasions including the a cover of the Architectural Journal. It is first, foremost and always a Home and in this aim it succeeds on every level.

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