“The rip off ends here!”

July 17, 2009

In the middle of the celtic tiger I visited the Neptune Gallery in town who sell old maps and pictures. They had a sign on the wall saying ‘The rip off ends here’. The owner was ranting about the cost of things and was determined that he was not jumping on the band wagon. It was a great lesson – things really got over priced and we WERE being ripped off.

Our experience when we bought our sanitary fittings for Nuns’ Lane was interesting. We compared prices on line with Reuter Badshop in Germany  versus 3 different suppliers in Ireland. There was a huge difference in cost for exactly the same fittings even including delivery. So we had all our sanitary fittings delivered directly from Germany, http://www.reuter-badshop.com. The web site was in english and they also spoke to us in english by phone. The service was excellent.  We want to buy Irish but we don’t want to be taken advantage of so…….


Just priced our washbasin here with a large irish supplier of sanitary fittings and Reuter Badshop

Large Irish Supplier    €320 (no delivery)

Reuter Badshop          €177.11 (no delivery) €266.70 delivered from Germany (so if you were buying a number of items it would be even cheaper)

Picture 1

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