Mini me

July 22, 2009

DSC_0155Donal always builds a model of his designs as it helps visualize things in 3D. Somehow it shows more than a 3D computer walk through, maybe because you can lift it up and look at it from whatever angle you choose yourself. It is also great for showing light at different times of the day and year by shining a lamp at different angles thru it. This model goes back to the design stage process of Nuns’ Lane. You can see some changes from what we actually built :

The office was originally to step down but we changed it to ground level as a cost saving excercise.

There is now a toilet in the “link” between the two buildings. Originally there was no physical link, we had steps here into the back courtyard but one of the planning conditions stated that the 2 blocks should visually link. It worked out well anyway as we needed a toilet on the ground floor!

The vertical screening in the glazing was omitted. These were to provide shade and would have opened and closed. I think these were omitted in the design simplification process.

Other than that the design was pretty much set in stone (or should I say concrete…. sorry!!!)

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