Fireplace countdown

October 3, 2009

So as I mentioned we are preparing for OPEN HOUSE next Sunday and so we are busy cleaning, decluttering and mowing. The lettuces have gone to seed and been neglected and high level dusting (ladder in hand) needs doing(don’t look too close)!

There are a few items which were never finished and put on the long finger. And so these occaisons put priority on certain things. The one thing which there was no excuse for was the fireplace which has never been lit. The reason for this is that there was an issue with the detail of the fan on the roof which vents the smoke. This has now been resolved . The work is in hand and it is my hope that the fire will be lighting on the day!

The Carlow limestone fireplace is like a piece of sulpture in the main living room, a tall black shiny block contrasted by the matt concrete and rich iroko panelling. We custom designed the grate/firebox ourselves and it was crafted by Church Art Metals. It is made up of 3 peices and they all sit into a hole in the stone hearth. The 3 pieces are removable and the firebox can be emptied by lifting it out.

Lets hope it all goes to plan……..Watch this space!

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