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Hi I’m Fionuala the author of this blog. We started building Nuns Lane in 2005. I would like you to get a feel for life in our home and studio and a bit of history about the journey we’ve had to get to this point. Donal my husband and I designed a concrete house on the site at 1 Nuns’ Lane and built it by direct labour. The years leading up to the completion were stress stress stress. It was an amazing experience to build our own house. As it was built by direct labour, there was no main contractor. There was a lot of stopping and starting due to time constraints as Donal and I were both running full time practices and trying to keep the balance right with 2 young children. Anyway with a lot of love, effort and family support we got it built and moved in in August 2007. We love concrete:-o) I don’t know why but its just such a fantastic material and in our home it is contrasted with beautiful iroko timber , they sing together! Keep in touch. There’s lots more to come…………

9 Responses to “About”

  1. marcus said

    love the blog//want more.

  2. Amanda said

    Hey there, I love the photos & your “tell it as it is” style of writing, it all flows really well.

  3. Thanks for your comment and encouragement and any ideas are welcome! Fionuala

  4. Tricia Ahkin said

    Fionuala!!! I was just thinking of you the other day as a friend was heading to Dublin for vacation and I happened to mention my long lost roommate from Park Slope… Your home and your family are gorgeous – I would so love to catch up with you! Drop me a note and we’ll reconnect over email (I live in San Francisco now, so a bit far for coffee, but if you’re ever out West…)


  5. Amanda said

    Howdy Fi,Saoirse & Orla, we just wanted to say a big thank you for visiting us in Naas yesterday, we had a lovely time

  6. Amanda said

    Hi Fi, Saoirse & Orla, just a quick big thank you for visiting us in Naas yesterday, we really enjoyed ourselves & would love you to come again. Next time we’ll take some photos for our blogs! (Think we might have already posted something above by mistake?)
    Amanda, Dylan & Alex

  7. pat flannelly said

    Hi Fionuala,
    Enjoying the blog.
    Keep the updates coming.
    P.s. Very belated thanks for the lovely
    nibbles and drinks at Christmas.

    • Admin said

      Thanks for your positive feedback and glad you enjoyed the festivities! Sorry for my slow replies, I’ve been busy with new work! Stay tuned for more….

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