Cupcakes were decorated by 12 , 5 year olds. I’m still finding sprinkles.



January 7, 2011

I came across this photo of our bath full with petals in it. I took it during the photo shoot for Image Magazine ( One of the most common questions about our house is whether we use the bath much. We look at it as a sanctuary, a special place and a treat and so we plan to spend an afternoon with the kids in it or a quiet evening by candle light soaking in it. The idea of this bath is based on how the Romans used to bathe. They would soak and float for hours in a large bath. It was social and relaxing and nothing to do with washing! (We do wash at the end!) I love to float as you can do so with out touching the walls. There is a roller blind for privacy but usually the window fogs up so no one can see in. There is a great view of the Dublin mountains and the Poolbeg lighthouses.

Future proof

June 27, 2010

When we designed the kids bedrooms we thought about how they would be used now and in the future. We did’nt even have kids at the time but were hopeful it would happen! The girls are now 4 and 8.

We designed the bedroom entrance wall as a “shopfront” so that light would be carried through to the interior from the outside courtyard. The “shopfront” window is a space where the kids can create shop displays as part of their play. Within this “shopfront” there is a built in desk and at the moment below the desks are used for toy storage boxes. In the future they will become their study desks. The rooms can be made private with a pull down blind.

The print you see here is a Sean Scully called “Raval 2”. I love its texture, colour and simplicity and it sits so well against the iroko paneled background. We designed the timber paneling to allow us to hang paintings against its rich backdrop. The idea of hanging art on a picture rail is reminiscent of georgian times. The art is simply hung on string (in our case fishing line wire) and hooked onto a movable hook (bought in Woodies!) There will never be holes in the wall to fill. If you want to move the art around you just lift and go! Easy! Thats me on the right!

Kuler colour

February 12, 2010

I’m lovin’ this site which helps you co-ordinate colours. Check it out…

Materials Mmmm……..

November 26, 2009

These stainless steel handrails were made by Church Art Metals. I remember they were the last job they did before the Chrismas hols in 2007 and we were lucky that they fitted us in at all. I love the contrast of the cold shiny metal with the grey hard concrete and the warm timber.

Fireplace countdown

October 3, 2009

So as I mentioned we are preparing for OPEN HOUSE next Sunday and so we are busy cleaning, decluttering and mowing. The lettuces have gone to seed and been neglected and high level dusting (ladder in hand) needs doing(don’t look too close)!

There are a few items which were never finished and put on the long finger. And so these occaisons put priority on certain things. The one thing which there was no excuse for was the fireplace which has never been lit. The reason for this is that there was an issue with the detail of the fan on the roof which vents the smoke. This has now been resolved . The work is in hand and it is my hope that the fire will be lighting on the day!

The Carlow limestone fireplace is like a piece of sulpture in the main living room, a tall black shiny block contrasted by the matt concrete and rich iroko panelling. We custom designed the grate/firebox ourselves and it was crafted by Church Art Metals. It is made up of 3 peices and they all sit into a hole in the stone hearth. The 3 pieces are removable and the firebox can be emptied by lifting it out.

Lets hope it all goes to plan……..Watch this space!

This year we did a house swop with my french college friend who lives in Paris with her family. We have’nt met in over 20 years but were put in touch again by a mutual friend when the idea of a house swop came up. It was a great success on both sides. It was interesting living in someones home because in a way you feel you get to know the owers by living in their footsteps. Unfortunately we did’nt actually get to meet up as our paths crossed at both ends of the journey. It was a beautiful old french house near Saint-Germaine on Laye in the suburbs of Paris, 10 minutes from the city centre by train and close to a pool and small town centre. M+house


The non-conformist

July 22, 2009

Our “non-conformist chair” by Eileen Gray sits comfortably against the iroko timber. Its my best friends choice of chair in our house especially when she was pregnant!  Eileen Gray said “An armrest was omitted in order to leave the body more freedom in movement and to allow it to bend forward or to turn to the other side unrestricted.”
Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Seat of beech frame with rubber webbing. Upholstery: polyurethane with polyester filling. Cover in leather.

Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray(August 9,1878 – October 21,1976) was an Irish furniture designer and architect and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture. She was born in Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford.

Side table from Ikea.