Open House has come and gone with much activity and a little mishap for Donals ankle. While doing some gardening he tripped and fractured his ankle……! But the show must go on and Donal bravely did his speil about the house. Its the last year we will do it and we were delighted at the record number of people who came to visit our home (300!!). Thanks to all who came and were so enthusiastic and also to the generous helpers who ushered the crowd around. A few photos of the day…..notice Donal sitting on the table with his leg strapped!:-) Fionuala

Hole in the Wall

September 6, 2010

At the design stage as we were building the house the issue arose of how to deal with the change in materials between the concrete garden wall and the finished render of the studio. It just did not look right to run them into each other. And so we settled on leaving a gap of about 250mm. The kids love sticking their heads out and climbing through!

The office has been a mass of foam board and bits of branches as the guys are building lots of models for various projects. It has gotten so full of stuff that I have moved my workspace into the main house for a bit of calm! And I am reallying enjoying it! Donal and Janek have 3 students working with them since they got shortlisted for a competition which I am not supposed to mention so keep in touch and I will fill you in later.

Future proof

June 27, 2010

When we designed the kids bedrooms we thought about how they would be used now and in the future. We did’nt even have kids at the time but were hopeful it would happen! The girls are now 4 and 8.

We designed the bedroom entrance wall as a “shopfront” so that light would be carried through to the interior from the outside courtyard. The “shopfront” window is a space where the kids can create shop displays as part of their play. Within this “shopfront” there is a built in desk and at the moment below the desks are used for toy storage boxes. In the future they will become their study desks. The rooms can be made private with a pull down blind.

Saoirses First Holy Communion meant our living room had to adapt to cater for 16 adults and 8 kids so the tables got rearranged again and the kids got to sit on the rug!

Light Obsession

May 17, 2010

We are constantly mesmerized by how light changes in our house. Here are recent shafts!

The print you see here is a Sean Scully called “Raval 2”. I love its texture, colour and simplicity and it sits so well against the iroko paneled background. We designed the timber paneling to allow us to hang paintings against its rich backdrop. The idea of hanging art on a picture rail is reminiscent of georgian times. The art is simply hung on string (in our case fishing line wire) and hooked onto a movable hook (bought in Woodies!) There will never be holes in the wall to fill. If you want to move the art around you just lift and go! Easy! Thats me on the right!

Sun at last!

April 15, 2010

Well done Donal for spotting the opportunity to make the most of the first mild and sunny day of the year last Sunday. We enjoyed burgers and satay chicken in the sun with friends while the kids went mad from all the fresh air!

Easter entertaining

April 7, 2010


February 25, 2010

Our office changes all year round as the daylight plays with the varied window opes and skylight. This image shows the light leaking through the bookcase to create an abstract pattern against the concrete which fascinates and  happily distracts us from our work for a few minutes!