January 7, 2011

I came across this photo of our bath full with petals in it. I took it during the photo shoot for Image Magazine ( One of the most common questions about our house is whether we use the bath much. We look at it as a sanctuary, a special place and a treat and so we plan to spend an afternoon with the kids in it or a quiet evening by candle light soaking in it. The idea of this bath is based on how the Romans used to bathe. They would soak and float for hours in a large bath. It was social and relaxing and nothing to do with washing! (We do wash at the end!) I love to float as you can do so with out touching the walls. There is a roller blind for privacy but usually the window fogs up so no one can see in. There is a great view of the Dublin mountains and the Poolbeg lighthouses.


Room to improve

June 23, 2009

We had a visit today from Dermot Bannon of RTEs’ ‘Room to improve’. He was inspired by our double height living room and wanted to include it in his research for the show. Watch out for it in July. Dermots’ successful show is making Contemporary House Architecture much more accessible to the irish public and shows that hiring an architect is a very worthwhile excercise. We like that! You can still see it online on